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Oy, really, Vanity Fair? Again?

Virginia wins the prize for the grossest, bestest poison pill ever.

Cynthia Nixon, speaking to The Advocate, clarifies her comments about choosing to be gay.

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Chloe Angyal is a journalist and scholar of popular culture from Sydney, Australia. She joined the Feministing team in 2009. Her writing about politics and popular culture has been published in The Atlantic, The Guardian, New York magazine, Reuters, The LA Times and many other outlets in the US, Australia, UK, and France. She makes regular appearances on radio and television in the US and Australia. She has an AB in Sociology from Princeton University and a PhD in Arts and Media from the University of New South Wales. Her academic work focuses on Hollywood romantic comedies; her doctoral thesis was about how the genre depicts gender, sex, and power, and grew out of a series she wrote for Feministing, the Feministing Rom Com Review. Chloe is a Senior Facilitator at The OpEd Project and a Senior Advisor to The Harry Potter Alliance. You can read more of her writing at chloesangyal.com

Chloe Angyal is a journalist and scholar of popular culture from Sydney, Australia.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/shasty/ emmie

    To be honest, Cynthia Nixon clarifying her comments is a little better. Especially after all the backlash and insults she received from the LGBT community which really, she shouldn’t have gotten. And I was admittedly, disappointed in her comments from before, since I know how the gay community in general gets a lot of flack from bigots. So really with Nixon coming forward with her bisexuality and yet, “choosing” to be in a gay relationship because she happened to fall in love with a woman, makes more sense.

  • http://feministing.com/members/billywilliams/ billy williams

    And i must say i find it interesting that there’s one person of color there,-Almost as if they were a token model.

  • http://feministing.com/members/billywilliams/ billy williams

    And good that Cynthia cleared that up.

  • http://feministing.com/members/billywilliams/ billy williams

    I still wish Michelle Williams had won, She deserves it, but still: Congrats Viola!

  • http://feministing.com/members/bethany/ Bethany KJ