Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Rick Perry

Rick Perry will be dropping out of the 2012 primary race for the GOP nomination–and we shouldn’t be surprised. He didn’t do very well in Iowa or New Hampshire and polled really low in South Carolina where the primary will be in 2 days. But numbers aside, Perry is a bible thumping Conservative of the worst caliber. He doesn’t believe in evolution, he wants inhumane restrictions on abortion, doesn’t support civil rights for gay people, he brags about a death penalty that has killed innocent people, he wanted to re-invade Iraq, secede from the union and he repeatedly called Obama a “socialist.” Oh and he forgot which federal agency he wanted to ban–awkward! And, I know, I should cheer that he thinks a wall between Mexico and Texas United States is ineffective–but if the difference between conservatives is whether they want to build walls between our land and our neighbors, we got problems.

And in his last move against Romney, he will be endorsing Newt Gingrich. Yeah, that guy that basically turned the SC debate into a klan rally and who’s most talked about thing on twitter today was that he wanted an ‘open marriage.’ The fact that this man has continually found people to have sex with him should outrage all of us.

Anyway, BAI Rick Perry.

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