Pariah: Best movie of last year*

Eesha, Miriam, Zerlina, Lori, Deanna Zandt and myself all went to see Pariah together last week and I think I speak for all of us when I say, if there is one movie you see this year–make it this one.

Pariah is set in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and tells the story of Alike (pronounced A-lee-kay and brilliantly portrayed by newcomer Adepero Oduye) and her trials and tribulations figuring out who she is, managing her middle class family’s expectations, her crushes, her heartbreaks and her best friend Laura–a very lovable AG. She is also a poet, a talented student and loves indie rock. Alike is probably one of the closest depictions of someone I might know in real life, I have ever seen in the movies.

Pariah was more than a tale of coming out, it was an American coming of age story–deeply touching, emotional, honest and awkward. Because growing up and becoming an adult, becoming who you are, no matter how close or supportive your family is or what your race and cultural background is, is hard. And that first time you kiss someone is pretty damn awkward too.

And make sure to check out this week’s podcast for Citizen Radio that I cohost with Amanda Marcotte. We had special guest Jamilah King from Colorlines who wrote a great piece for Salon on coming out to her mother and we talk extensively about some of the themes in the movie. And go see Pariah.

*I made a mistake–Pariah actually came out in 2011, I just thought the world revolves around me and it came out the day I saw it.

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