Stephen Hawking can kiss my “mysterious” female butt

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent “major” announcement recently made by Mr. Stephen Hawking. Prepare yourself, it’s a big one.

Yup. “Women are a mystery.” THAT is his big announcement. And the world is eating it up like candy.

Really? REALLY? He’s solving mysteries of the vastness of space and science and his big anomaly is women? Give me a break. Yeah, that’s totally not dehumanizing….

I’m so sick of this “women are a mystery,” “is there anything more mysterious than what a woman really wants?” bullshit. We’re human beings, NOT aliens! We are NOT that difficult to figure out. I want to know why some people, in this particular case, Stephen Hawking, are still clinging to the outdated idea that women are so drastically different than men, that we are some kind of mystery of the universe. That comes from old, should-be-dead concepts of gender expectations. Which means this whole business of us being mysteries is a social construct and a completely learned thing. I think that it is firmly rooted in a lack of communication between the sexes, and perpetuated sexist gender roles. Maybe even throw in a little fear of menstruation. What? Women bleed for 5 days and don’t die? OUT OF THEIR VAGINAS?!! EWWOHMYGODTHATSOGROSSWHYISTHATOHSHIT!!

It’s as natural as getting a random boner in the middle of class. It’s annoying, but normal. Sure, a guy doesn’t bleed when he gets a boner, but it’s a normal thing.

I think that we should just take more time to really communicate with each other, stop thinking so much about preconceived stereotypical ideas about gender, and stop dehumanizing each other by acting like the other is some sort of scientific enigma.

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