What we missed

Posting was a little slow today as we get back in the swing of things! I just got back from traveling in India for a month–it was awesome–not to rub it in or anything. Happy new year everyone and please don’t get discouraged by the already enormous amount of evidence that we are still in need of feminism.

I don’t care what you think, Ron Paul is not some awesome dude, OK.

The Iowa Caucus is about abortion, even though no one is saying it is.

Four bombings in Queens at “Muslim landmarks,” as in one community center, one corner store and two private homes. NYPD is calling them “bias crimes.” Why not call it domestic terrorism?

48 ads that would never be allowed today. Incredible stuff, but also important to think about the kind of badvertising that IS allowed today.

10 hottest butches of 2011. Meow.

20 years of black lesbian film. And I really have to go see Pariah.

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