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What We Missed

TweetOy, really, Vanity Fair? Again? Virginia wins the prize for the grossest, bestest poison pill ever. Cynthia Nixon, speaking to The Advocate, clarifies her comments about choosing to be gay. Tweet
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Breaking: Komen Foundation pulls breast cancer screening funds from Planned Parenthood

TweetWhat sad and disturbing news. From the Washington Post comes breaking news that will affect hundreds of thousands of dollars in women’s health funding: “The nation’s leading breast-cancer charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is halting its partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates — creating a bitter rift, linked to the abortion debate, between two [...]
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Why were women’s warnings about the financial crisis ignored?

TweetI read it on the train, and couldn’t stop myself from shaking my head visibly in disgust and anger. Earlier this month, the Fed released transcripts of some high-level meetings on the economy, and this NY Times article summarizing the conversations was the source of my frustration. Among the most notable details: • The officials [...]
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What’s the deal with Facebook’s new ‘Women Connect’ campaign?

Tweet Hmmm, dear Feministing readers, how do we feel about this? Facebook recently released an application called “Women Connect” to raise awareness and promote women’s causes worldwide. According to Facebook, the application is part of their “Diversity campaign” and is meant to be “an online platform for organizations and causes to connect and share information [...]
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Quick hit: Why are all those movie trailers voiced by men?

TweetThe New York Times ran an article last weekend about why so few movie trailer voiceovers are performed by women. The article discussed the perception that women’s voices aren’t strong enough to cut through the noise of a movie trailer, and suggested that even if they can, many of us trust men’s voices more than women’s: [...]
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