Feministing launches new column on feminism and academia

GwendolynWe’re thrilled to announce a very new exciting series starting today on feminism and the academy, The Scholarly Feminist!

As some of y’all may know, there are some amazing feminist academics out there making some serious headway in issues around feminist thought, so our dear Feministing friend and new contributor Gwendolyn Beetham is going to bring them out of their classes and into the blogosphere. A freelance researcher and writer for local and international organizations dedicated to gender justice, Gwendolyn blogs for the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics (where she received her PhD) and is involved in various queer, feminist, and food justice projects. And we’re pumped to have her aboard.

The Scholarly Feminist series will aim to bridge the academic/online divide, allow academics to showcase their important work, connect online conversations that are also taking place in the classroom (and other academic venues), and relate feminist and queer theory to feminist blogosphere discussions. Bring it, brainy feminists! Look out for the first post later today.

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