The best part of waking up…

… Is drinking coffee from a Feministing cup!

Good morning, everyone! This is what a feminist with some sweet feminist swag looks like.

I can’t fight sexism without a serious shot of caffeine, and this morning I’m sipping from my Feministing mug, which just arrived yesterday. How did I get my Feministing mug? Why, I ordered it from the Feministing store, and if you are so inclined, so can you!

The most popular items in the store are the organic fitted t-shirt and the shot glass. Seems that in addition to loving smart, snarky feminist analysis, our readers love wearing tight t-shirts and drinking liquor. I guess that’s why I like you all so much.

If you haven’t got yourself or your loved ones some Feministing gear yet, get on it! The holidays are nearly here and you can get it shipped in time for Hannukah, Christmas, or New Year’s. And when it arrives, send me a photo of you wearing or holding your gear (, and I’ll post it on the site!

All proceeds from the Feministing store go to keeping Feministing smart, snarky and sustainable – just the way you like it.

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  1. Posted December 16, 2011 at 5:35 pm | Permalink

    I didn’t know there was a Feministing STORE! I am so freaking excited :D

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