An awesome guide for shopping for the book lovers in your life

Friend and fellow writer Anna Clark has put out the third edition of her awesome Choose Books: A Gift Guide for People Who Care About Stories. Anna, alongside being a well-rounded journalist, is also an avid supporter of literary arts. Her coverage of the literary world is vast and impressively wide reaching.

Her argument for choosing books as gifts is pretty darn compelling:

The gift of a great story is at best transformative and soul-opening; at basic, it is a joy. (And I’d suggest that this is true for both the receiver and the giver of the book.) Books last longer and matter more than, say, necklaces or sweaters, while rarely costing more than about fifteen dollars. As well, your purposeful choice of books, purchased from indie booksellers, supports a vibrant and dynamic literary culture at a time when the book world is struggling, and even literacy is horrifically low.

To be even more comprehensive, she even includes recommendations for magazine subscriptions and literary organizations to support as well. If you are looking for a super comprehensive, thoughtful and well researched guide for picking books for the loved ones in your life, check it out.

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