Eesha’s favorite thing in the world, today: The Kitten Cover

Now, I’m not a major fan of cats. I find them to be aloof, unreliable with their affection and always plotting clandestine activity. I love Lola-Maye, my BFF Susana’s kitty that thinks she’s a puppy. But really, Lola’s it. I’m a girl that loves dogs. I like my pet affection just like I like all my affection; slobbery, simple, and completely overwhelming.

All that being said, this tumblr is my favorite thing in the world, today. Seriously, tomorrow’s Friday, and I have plans to see Breaking Dawn tonight; clearly, levity is the order of the day. Enjoy. I can’t imagine that you won’t.

Two more of my favorites, after the jump!

Meowie J. Blige

And, this one: The Rameownes

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