Don’t you wish we had…

… a feminist text-response service? I’ve learned to articulate a lot of my beliefs, but when people attack what I think, it can be hard to come up with an immediate response. How great would it be if we feminists had a rapid response text service that would help us develop strong, accurate responses to the anti-feminist bullshit we hear all day? In 140 characters!

This Thanksgiving weekend, I was able to serve as a rapid responder to a friend texted me this:

“I’m having a heated feminist conversation with family. Wished I had your backup.”

She told me that her family members said, “I’m so sick of hearing feminists talk about their vaginas. Who cares?”

My response (that could be a thesis, but was instead four text messages) “Oy. We are working to destigmatize and remove the shame from our bodies. Ppl are so comfortable talking [about] and showing dicks and male sexual pleasure. girls have to be sexy for others’ pleasure, but have to stay virgins. Talking about vaginas normalizes womens sexuality”

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