Quick Hit: So you’re disappointed in Obama…

As many on the Left grapple with their disappointment in President Obama, Jake Lamar wants to explain to us all that he’s not disappointed with and pretty clearly lays out why next year we need to turn out the vote.

You can call me an Obamabot but think of the alternatives: Willard Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, or Michele Bachmann. (And Rick Santorum)

You want one of them to get control of the nukes over Obama? Serious question.


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  • http://feministing.com/members/shelly/ Shelly

    Given the Repub alternatives, and the fact virtually NO ONE chooses to educate themselves about the third party alternatives that exist (and the fact neither the mainstream media nor independent media will cover them), and the fact none of the other Dems will challenge him, Obama is practically a shoe-in for a second term. However, given all he has done, I still refuse to vote for someone that, apart from all that, is George Walker Bush Light, and I refuse to accept that “a vote for anyone but Obama is a wasted vote”, because — IMO — that’s a crock.

  • muffmacguff

    I honestly find this video a little offensive. I will vote for Obama, yes, because he’s better than the Republican candidates. But it’s not fair to suggest that I’m unrealistic for hoping we’d have a progressive president. Should we pack up and go home? Is the best we can hope for a center-right corporatist like Obama? Because that’s a defeatist attitude that suggests that all of politics happens in presidential elections. Putting political pressure on a president to enact more progressive politics is one of the only ways that real change happens.
    And I’m not proud of Obama for ending DADT. He took three years to do it, after countless soldiers were fired from their jobs because of it, and the U.S. military is STILL not trans*-inclusive, nor are women technically allowed in combat (though they end up there anyway), leaving fewer advancement opportunities for female soldiers.
    And I’m not proud of Obama for killing bin Laden. I promise, I am not (nor is anybody on this site, I don’t think), a supporter of Al Qaeda or of bin Laden. But if we’re comfortable with our military being used for targeted assassinations, I don’t know when we got that way.
    And the health care reform that Obama twiddled his thumbs through, looking for Republican support, is a cheapened, pathetic version of what it could have been if Obama had done the job of the president and governed without waiting for a broad consensus that would never come. This version of health care reform also makes clear that no federal funds will ever pay for abortions. I’m sure other commenters on this site will agree that abortion is a human right, and the ways that access to it are blocked are ways of keeping poor women poor.
    Obama appointed two women to the Supreme Court, which is terrific, but Sotomayor in particular is just as corporatist as Obama – I don’t feel confident that her appointment to the Supreme Court is especially a step forward.
    Obama has failed to close Gitmo, and has continued military occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq (we have been promised a complete withdrawal from Iraq, but as with Gitmo, I think I’ll believe it when I see it).
    So of course we don’t want Republicans to have control of nukes. But there are many, many reasons to be disappointed in Obama, and it’s never “unrealistic” to expect better.

  • http://feministing.com/members/drosso/ Derek

    I have a lot of problems with this movie. Can we talk about disappointment with Barack Obama? Can we talk about American interventions in the Middle East, Afganistan, and Pakistan? Can we talk about Obama’s human rights record which continues the suspension of a fair trail for people who get accused of being terrorist, the majority of whom have hardly any credible evidence against them? Can we talk about assassinating American citizens? Can we talk about drone warfare and dead civilians? Can we talk about an unconditional love for Apartheid Israel? Can we talk about neo-liberal policies and a bail-out of the banks when we should have bailed out actual people?

    Sure Obama is better then a Romney, a Cain, a Perry, or a Gingerich, but, here’s the thing, we’re still going in the same direction and it’s the wrong one. I agree that a third candidate is not a viable option, but organizing and creating coalitions–believing in each other and ourselves, working for our *own* change and pushing Obama to force it to happen is what is needed here. Obama is not the solution, but Obama plus “us” will be.

  • http://feministing.com/members/skoelle/ Spencer Koelle

    I am still somewhat disappointed in Obama. I realize that he’s human. I realize that he is practical. I realize that his powers are limited. I don’t mean to dismiss his achievements.

    I still think he could have pushed harder on gay rights issues. I still wanted to see stronger leadership in dealing with the financial crisis. I still think that when he tried to meet republicans halfway, and saw time and time again they tried to keep scoring points, he should have changed his tactics. I think that he should have tried to get more powerful legislation while he had a democratic congress.

    Does this mean I won’t vote for him out of spite, or that I’ll turn to some barely-viable far left canidate? No. But I will go to the polls with a sour face and hope for better results this time around.

  • http://feministing.com/members/smiles/ Smiley

    “Vote for me because the others are worse” is hardly an inspirational slogan, is it? Unlikely to get the people onto the streets.

  • http://feministing.com/members/caisara/ caisara

    Yes. History proved that Ralph Nader was right: a few years of a right wing nut job was enough to radicalize the left.

    Unfortunately, we got a centrist who just parroted left-wing slogans. And because Obama didn’t have much of a voting record, we fell for it.

    This time, it’s time for four years of a right wing nut job, and an actual liberal Democratic candidate.

  • http://feministing.com/members/samll/ Sam Lindsay-Levine

    I just read an article I thought was relevant.

    I mean, sure, Obama at least expresses reluctance over things like ignoring the War Powers act and unilaterally ordering a military presence in Libya, killing American citizens without trial or legal recourse, or murdering Afghani children with implacable flying robots, while the loonies on the other side are vocally in favor, so there’s basically a 100% chance I will hold my nose and vote for him again – but he’s still doing all these things, continuously, against what his stated values were supposed to be. Doesn’t that merit some disappointment? Or, how much does Mr. Lamar think I am supposed to care about the lives of these dead Afghani children?