Latino and black community twice as likely as whites to be affected by housing crisis

This isn’t surprising or new news to many of us, but important to document nonetheless. Think Progress brings our attention to a report just released by the Center on Responsible Lending which reveals that the Latino and black community are nearly twice as likely as whites to have been affected by the foreclosure crisis:

Although the majority of the people affected overall by the crisis were white, one-quarter of all black and Latino borrowers in the U.S. have lost their homes or are currently in trouble of losing them:

Although the majority of affected borrowers have been white, African-American and Latino borrowers are almost twice as likely to have been impacted by the crisis. Approximately one quarter of all Latino and African-American borrowers have lost their home to foreclosure or are seriously delinquent, compared to just under 12 percent for white borrowers. Asian borrowers have fared better as a whole than Latino and African-American borrowers, but they, too, have been disproportionately affected, especially in some metropolitan areas.

Let’s also not forget that women of color in particular were disproportionately affected by sub-prime lending.

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  • Stratyllis

    The housing crisis isn’t just about people who buy either. Rents are going up. Rental companies don’t have to do things like signing bonuses or incentives anymore, because all of the people losing their houses need to rent. Those of us who were renters in the first place are getting screwed too.