Breaking: Supreme Court to hear challenge to health care law

The Supreme Court has announced it will hear a challenge to the health care reform law passed on 2010. Challenges to the law’s constitutionality appeared immediately after the bill was signed. The Obama administration apparently urged the court to take up this case in an attempt to settle the constitutionality question. Oral arguments could be heard by March and there should be a decision in late June.

The court is only hearing one of three appeals, this one from the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta. That court was the only one to strike down the “individual mandate” requiring people have health care coverage. However, the court separated out the mandate, letting the rest of the law stand. The Supreme Court will decide both if the mandate is unconstitutional and if so if the rest of the law will be struck down as well.

I’m certainly concerned about seeing this challenge in front of such a conservative court. I mean, who knows what you’re going to get from a court that says corporations are people. But unfortunately this challenge does need to be resolved. The decision will hold a lot of political significance, as it will come at the height of the presidential campaign.

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