The Story of Broke

Image from the Story of Broke

From the makers of the infamous Story of Stuff illustrated video comes a new installment that explains, in really basic terms, the reality behind the rhetoric that the US has no money.

It’s rhetoric, as they point out, that’s being used to justify all sorts of politically motivated cuts to public funds and services–most of which disproportionately impact low-income people who are already suffering under this recession.

These cuts and changes threaten the fabric of our social welfare system, which millions of people rely on to make ends meet and provide for their families. We’re talking about everything from food stamps to public education to medicare. At the state and federal level, it’s all on the chopping block.

The economics behind government spending is complex, and the Story of Broke breaks it down so that most anyone can understand. Check  it out.

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  • Robert

    Wow lots of ideas. There are some things I agree with. The tiny tax on international currency trades would be a smart move because it’s too small for anyone to complain yet it would raise billions. In some things we should go green so to speak. I have a strong opinion on electricity, we should rely less on companies like SDGE and make more use of solar energy (the sun is freaking free!). I agree with cutting military spending because we can maintain the best military in the world with a much smaller budget. I disagree with some of the message “we are not broke” because the argument is that there is always money available but if we go all out on going green and trying to increase corporate taxes then there will be no money. Corporations may be greedy but we need them for jobs and even though they get away with paying less taxes they still pay a lot. Piss them off enough and they will leave along with all the jobs and spending. When it comes to money matters I listen to Peter Schiff (I don’t care about his views on other things) because he has been right if you watch videos of his predictions over the last 5 years and I’ve made a little bit of money from listening to him. He says he moved his business overseas because there was too much regulation here and he laid off a bunch of people, this man is wealthy and makes tons of people money along with employing many people, we want these guys here. Some regulation is good when it comes to the environment but I believe there is too much regulation that has nothing to do with the environment especially for small businesses.