Today’s Badass: Elizabeth Warren

I am reluctant to get on the politician-as-savior bandwagon. Actually, these folks are mere mortals. And I firmly believe that if we expect them to be more ideologically pure, or just plain better than the rest of us, we’re begging to be deceived.

That being said, the way she handled this moment made me dig Elizabeth Warren more than I already did. From HuffPo:

Moments into a speech before volunteers here Wednesday evening, Elizabeth Warren was interrupted by a Tea Party supporter who hurled a gender-based epithet at the Senate candidate. The man, who said he’d been unemployed since February 2010, objected to Warren’s expressed affiliation with the frustrations of Occupy Wall Street, and argued that the Tea Party has been protesting Wall Street excess for longer than the nascent global movement… [Saying,] “Well, if you’re the intellectual creator of that so-called party,” he said, “you’re a socialist whore. I don’t want anything to do with you.” The crowd shouted him down as he added that Warren’s “boss,” presumably referring to the president, was “foreign-born.” He then attempted to storm out through a side door. Finding it locked, he retreated out the back of the VFW hall instead.

You can watch the video here.

Firstly, I relate to the experience. I know what it’s like to be yelled at by preachy old dudes. In my reproductive justice organizing work this happened many times. In my life as a young woman, just going about the world, it has happened many times as well. Secondly, way to stay on message, Elizabeth. And way to be generally unflappable and get right back to work. Because, you know, that’s what we do.

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  • lisa evans

    Warren was great, and it was pretty amusing when the heckler (who clearly had pretended he was a volunteer, because you can’t get the address to one of these events unless you agree to volunteer for the campaign) tried to depart through a locked door.

    My big problem with Warren isn’t anything she’s said or done. It’s what she *hasn’t* said. I have been trying for three months now to find out her positions on something, ANYTHING, that that isn’t connected to finance: civil liberties, jobs for depressed parts of Massachusetts, LGBT rights, foreign policy, you name it. There’s nothing out there. Worse, every time I’ve asked on-line, I’ve been called names, accused of working for another Democratic candidate, and told to shut up, she’s a progressive, it’ll be fine.

    Well, no. It’s *not* fine. Whomever wins this election next year will almost certainly be called upon to vote on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement. America can’t afford another Alito or Roberts if a Republican wins, and I haven’t seen any evidence that Warren will fight to block such a nomination if a Republican wins next year. I don’t know what she thinks about ANYTHING but finance, and that bothers me a lot.

    Worse, she’s ignored candidates’ events in favor of fundraisers in rich suburbs, even though she’s made so much money that three experienced (and to be honest, better qualified) Democratic candidates dropped out of the race within a couple of weeks of her entry. The one that bothered me most was a candidates’ forum and straw poll in Athol, the most desperately poor city in Massachusetts, with no jobs and astronomical rates of sexual abuse, domestic violence, mental health problems, and alcoholism. Warren was the only Democratic candidate who didn’t go – because she was at a fundraiser in wealthy Boston satellite Newton.

    So yes, she handled herself well when confronting a heckler. But until she decides that Athol (and Fall River, and Gardner, and Pittsfield, and Lawrence, and Holyoke, and all the other poor parts of the state) is as worthy of her time as Newton, I’m not joining the bandwagon.