Feminist-y costumes for Halloween 2011

Hey everybody….aren’t you tired of the crap, backwards costumes out there? Well here’s my alternatives for what’s out there. All it requires is some nostalgia and an imagination to put together the costume.  This isn’t by far the best guide for somewhat-Progressive costumes out there, but I think these are worth looking at. So without further ado, my awkward attempt at fictional characters and why they’re awesome to go as for Halloween….

Lil DeVille

Perhaps the first female cartoon character to come out of the closet, at the Season episode 26 “Angelica’s Twin” and the feistiest Token Female in a Five-Man Band since Princess Leia, but without all that bondage crap. Just clip or if you dare cornstarch a pink ribbon on your hair. Can use any green jumper with or without blue shorts (perfect to play her twin brother Phil) with any pink blouse and tennis shoes. Be sure to carry a bottle and be open to eat anything gross and edible. Lil won’t have any wimpy eaters.

Josie and the Pussycats

Move over Jem! The prime all-girl cartoon band is here! Whether you make or buy cat headbands made of felt or attach a stuffed leopard’s tail to a yellow leotard with black dots that look more like splotches, the Pussycats are sure the best costume to wear. Whether you dress as the Archie Comic version or the 2001 film version, you’d be paying a tribute to the most awesome pop band to ever solve mysteries on the side and dodge Alexandra’s crazy schemes.

The Ladies of Hey Arnold!

Wow the best cartoon ever to have existed on Nickelodeon! Whether you go as Arnold’s aggressive and poetic nemisis/fangirl Helga (large pink bow and stomping gait), quiet and brilliant Phoebe (blue cat-eye glasses and ensemble to match), Arnold’s eccentric and cool Grandma Gurdy in either one of her costumes, wear some old school uniform to go as Helga’s perfectionist sister Olga, or go as any other of the females of the show. You’d be sure to pay a tribute what Nick was back in the 1990s and be proving that the Bechdel Test works excellently.

The Powerpuff Girls

The most awesome Super Heroines to not wear tights, leotards, or capes! Best works with two other people, whether one of you guys wears blue, green, or pink. It’s all up to you guys. Just do a favor and wear the big red bow when playing Blossom and bring out the attitude that goes with each girl. *Bonus for Vegetarians* Bubbles is a vegetarian according to one episode, she is one of the few vegetarians that isn’t a Soapbox Sadie, it was mentioned as non-chalantly as someone stating that lunch is ready.

Ginger Foutley

After all my constant mentions, my icon for my profile, the first article I’ve written in the pasthttp://community.feministing.com/2010/05/18/there-were-seal-girls-and-copper-colored-ponies-on-the-other-side-remembering-as-told-by-ginger/ , and the obvious fact that I think that without Ginger there wouldn’t be a tv show for Rachel Maddow or the F Bomb and that all young women were inspired by her when they were too young for or weren’t able to handle Daria’s off-putting to some personality? To celebrate the 10th anniversary of As Told by Ginger episode “I Spy a Witch” and for Creator Emily Kapnek’s new show Suburgatory, I’m introducing…..Ginger Foutley! Wear a curly red wig and dress comfortably, carry a journal and have some Sloppy Janes later because all that activity is sure to tire you out and your frizzie lizzies.

Sue and Brick Heck

The most awesomest, geeky kids on television since like forever! Sue is, in the words of older brother Axl, a “dork optimist” and never gives up even if she’ll flat on her face and get humiliated.  Don’t worry and just be the coolest adult you know but with stringy brown hair and dorky 90s clothes. Carry off the costume with a “never say die” attitude and don’t be afraid to run like….heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be Brick and learn everything you can about fonts and obscure historical figures and stay comfy, carry a bag of books not too much since you’ll have candy.

Disclaimer: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director.

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