NARAL Pro-Choice NC releases undercover investigation of CPCs

Today, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina released their undercover investigation into crisis pregnancy centers, and it’s pretty friggin’ scary.

The state actually has an intense presence of crisis pregnancy centers — in fact, there are 8 times as many CPCs in the North Carolina than there are abortion clinics. And now, two recent state laws will drive even more funding to the centers:

Money from sales of the new “Choose Life” license plates, which are expected to become available later this year, will go to the anti-abortion centers. On Wednesday, under the new law that places restrictions on abortions, a state-run website will launch and list the places that provide free ultrasounds, a service provided by the private centers.

That’s right, a state-run online registry will send pregnant women in NC to these “clinics,” 94% of which (the report found) have no medical professionals on their staff. And yeah, we all know these centers are, as my grandmother used to say, “full of what the chippies eat” — but many North Carolina folks do not and will not when looking for legitimate reproductive health care.

And not only will they be subjected to lovely anti-choice coercion on their visit, but religious propaganda as well:

The report says one Jewish investigator who posed as a pregnant woman was told at five centers she wouldn’t go to heaven unless she converted to Christianity…

Conversion attempts are hardly a new tactic for CPCs, but this is a reminder: these centers are doing more damage than just interfering with people’s health care (which is bad enough). And now, they’re being state-supported.

Read the full report here.

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  • nazza

    At minimum, these centers must be forced to reveal directly their function. They should not be able to carry on with such deception and coercion. It is their secretive nature that I find most objectionable.

  • Emily

    I really appreciate the information. I live in Charlotte, NC. Any idea on a course of action against this? What is the best way to combat it other than informing others?

  • Andrew

    So when will this be on the news?

    Oh wait, they’re too busy waiting for the next fake video claiming that Planned Parenthood covers up child molestation.