San Francisco to ban crisis pregnancy centers (and the creepiest photo ever)

First, the good news:

San Francisco legislators on Tuesday took the first step towards clamping down on “false and misleading advertising” from “crisis pregnancy centers,” following the lead of several other American cities.

Supervisor Malia Cohen believes that these so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” such as Bay Area-based First Resort, lie to women seeking options in an unexpected pregnancy, according to the San Francisco Appeal online newspaper.

Instead of offering counseling around a woman’s choices, they are steered toward a right-wing, anti-abortion agenda. There are three such centers in San Francisco, and they’re also drawn ire from mayoral candidates.

Very awesome news, let’s hope this moves forward. Now to the accompanying image:

Is it just me, or do you also see a lot of full-term pregnant bellies with news coverage on abortion? And a pink belly bow? Really? Check out Susie Cagle’s much more accurate visual representation of CPCs in the Bay Area.

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  • Rachel

    finally!!!!! I mistakenly took my pregnant teen sister to first resort b/c my closest planned parenthood was closed due to budget cuts. They came up first on a google search, we just wanted to confirm that she was pregnant and start discussing her options. I didn’t know what their deal was, but I insisted on being present, bc they ain’t planned parenthood. Those asshats whisked her off to pee in a cup. When I said I wanted to be present, they said ‘in the bathroom’ all disingenuous…

    So, some 15 mins go by, and they still haven’t come back despite assuring me that I can be present. I pulled up yelp reviews and there were only 2, and they looked fake. So at this point I’m thinking, ‘oh crap! jesus [deleted]!’

    I went a little nuts, started ringing the bell and insisting on being present with my kid sister. It wasn’t until I threatened to vault the desk to get back there that they opened the door and let me in. The ‘counselor’ who was speaking to her referred to herself as ‘post-abortive’ and I ought to have snatched the kid then and there. They obviously toned down the rhetoric due to my presence, but I remain incredibly angry. I’ve gotten that kid through years and years of bs and now thanks to a fluke antibiotic messing with her birth control, her whole future could go down the drain. And these assholes want to convince her to bear a kid she’s got no resources to care for. I came so dang close to just going off on total strangers, I was fuming. I sat there though, and let them speak, glaring the smoldering stare of death. Like I said, they clearly toned it down for me. Those people are seriously lucky that I’m a pacifist. I’ve rarely been that tempted to physically attack someone.

    These places manipulate women who are frightened and overwhelmed. Its unconscionable. They should all be shut down. I wish they could be held liable for child support for all the girls they talked into carrying to term.

    • natasha

      Your sister is lucky to have an older sibling like you!

  • Andrew

    which website was this? Fox News?

  • Katie

    I’m thinking Amanda Marcotte did a piece on the photography that accompanies stories about abortion, and how misleading big pregnant bellies are, given that most abortions occur before a woman is all huge.

  • Franzia Kafka

    These stock photos of full-term pregnant ladies are moronic to the nth degree because they’re obviously photoshopped (really? no stretch marks or skin blemishes?), and they’re almost invariably of thin white women. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a picture of a non-white woman in my life. Imagine, the conservative/Tea Bagger ideological bogey(wo)man, the black “welfare mother,” with a pink bow around her pregnant belly.

  • Brüno

    If they are pubicly funded, its about time they are banned. Why cant hospitals offer those services or similiar facilities. Why has everything be to be payed double and quadruple for.
    If they are privately run and financed it should be the call of whoever puts money forward.

  • jillian

    i went to one of those in college (not the one in question) cause it was free (vs 7 bucks at planned parenthood) and close (1 mile vs. 10).

    after the test came back negative but we had to “wait because it could take up to five minutes to get a result” (i was 4 weeks late, if i really was pregnant i could breath on it and it would turn blue), i was asked where i wouldnt want to go after i died. with a straight face i replied i wanted to be a ghost so i could hang around for a while. then i said thank you and left.

    dollar stores usually have pregnancy tests; the same the clinics use. since then, ive used those.