The New York Times thinks debating reproduction is white men’s work

7 pundits photos and bios who will debate the question. All are male, except one.

Notice anything strange about this photo? It’s a screenshot taken from this NY Times debate room story about declining birth rates. In case you can’t tell, only one of the seven pundits is a woman. Despite the racial dynamics of the population boom, only of them seems to be a person of color.

Totally, makes sense right? When debating reproduction, especially birth rates, people with a uterus aren’t that important to the story. Not at all.

On a related note, I’m pretty sick of anxiety-provoking stories about birth rates. Either women are threatening the earth by having too many children (these women are usually poor and of color) or they aren’t having enough children to keep the world going (these women are usually wealthy and white). We need a new narrative.

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