On National Coming Out Day, celebrating all families

Today is the annual National Coming Out Day, where LGBTQ people are encouraged to be out and proud about their sexuality and gender expression as a way to raise awareness and build support for LGBTQ people.

An organization that I am working with, Basic Rights Oregon, has a new video series out that celebrates people of color in the LGBTQ community. Specifically, the three videos highlight the experiences of Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander and African-American LGBTQ folks.

The mainstream LGBTQ community often marginalizes the experiences of queer and transgender people of color, so this series does the important work of bringing those unique voices to the forefront.

Happy Coming Out Day!

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  • http://feministing.com/members/feministforfreedom/ Anthony

    You should check your language “often marginalizes ” experiences of queer people of color. How about sometimes? Really is the LGBT movement actively marginalizing people based on race? I guess the whole movement is racist, better discount them all! As a queer Chican@ from Texas,I heard “pinche jot@” and faggot a lot more than beaner. I’m all about talking about the experiences of the group. But, to neurotically search forways to describe every minority only in terms of its victimization, or perceived victimization from LGBT as a whole, is very disempowering. Please, ” The margins are hurting the margins”, they are the problem. And it does not reflect the expressive, individualistic spirits speaking in this video. I refuse to hold people victim to my own victimization.