The Biggest Sleazer: Mitt Romney v. Scott Brown

Is it just me, or are politician dudes being super sexist and sleazy lately? Take Scott Brown, for example. Eric Kleefeld from TPM found this gem on a radio show in response to Elizabeth Warren’s recent comments poking fun at his nude spread in Cosmo:

[O]ne of the hosts asked Brown: “Have you officially responded to Elizabeth Warren’s comment about how she didn’t take her clothes off?”

Brown began laughing lightheartedly, and gave his reply. “Thank God,” he said, with more laughter.

Listen to the convo on TPM — between the host and Brown, it’s like the Phi Beta Doucha reunion. Then we have Mitt Romney, who apparently didn’t get the memo that we’re a couple of centuries past the whole wife-as-husband’s-possession thing:

Is this your wife? Do you mind if I put my arm around her like that? (chuckles)

So I guess the answer to who The Biggest Sleazer is will depend on what you think is worse: 12-year old sexism or 19th century sexism? Go!

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