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There is a new independent bookseller in town, and they only sell e-books! They are also run by two women, and are already showing their feminist leanings by choosing Ellen Willis’ No More Nice Girls, which was out of print, as their first book. Check out Emily Books for more info.

Latoya at Racialicious talks about the offensive sign that showed up at Slutwalk NYC (which the organizers asked to be put away and she agreed), racism and solidarity.

Latinos are abandoning the state of Alabama in waves after a new anti-immigrant law, requiring kids in public schools to prove their status, has begun to be implemented.

Occupy Wall Street is going strong, with a big march today that includes a huge union presence. If you want to support the efforts of the OWS you can donate here. Also, an open letter from two white guys to the OWS folks. Looking for an occupy protest in your city? Brave New Foundation has a list here.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/azure156/ Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

    Argh, did not see that sign at Slutwalk, though we were not there from the start–perhaps it had already been dealt with?

    I get what John & Yoko were going for with the song (as well as the similarly titled Patti Smith song) equating the word with those who are oppressed or relegated as “Other”, but that does not negate the baggage it has for those who the term has often been used against as a weapon. I feel both songs should be taken as historical relics of the times they were produced in–made by perhaps well-intended liberals who, by sheer chance of not being of African background, did not fully get the loadedness of the term. There are countless other ways to express this idea.