Q: What’s making you happy today? A: Australian Marriage Equality’s new PSA

The idea for this series is lovingly ripped off from NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. PCHH runs a segment on every show called “What’s Making You Happy This Week?”

This Australian PSA in support of marriage equality that blends an excellent and important cause with some creative choreography. As a proponent of marriage equality and a former dancer, I am tickled by this.

It makes me happy that seven out of ten Australians believe that same-sex couples should have full marriage rights. It does not make me happy that currently, same-sex couples do not enjoy those rights; civil unions are legal in four out of eight states and territories and in the other four, same-sex couples can’t even have those. Now we just need the law to catch up with public opinion.

For more on what you can do to make that happen, check out Australian Marriage Equality.

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