The new fall TV season is dominated by women

Studio 360 has a new article about gender in the fall TV lineup and it’s good news for women actors:

The new fall TV season is upon us and there’s a not so subtle subtext: women rule.

The primetime lineup is dominated by new half-hour comedies featuring women in the lead roles, including HBO’s much anticipated Girls and network sitcoms New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel (FOX), Two Broke Girls (CBS) and Whitney (NBC).

Of course, women in leading roles doesn’t mean the shows themselves don’t still play off the same sexist stereotypes we’ve come to know and hate. As an added bonus (not), all the leading ladies are also white, skinny and able-bodied.

The “romantic vulnerability” that has long been a staple of female comedy “doesn’t disappear with the economic power,” Rosin says. She points to Deschanel’s character in New Girl as proof. “I mean she’s incredibly vulnerable in this show and neurotic. So how much has changed?”

Interestingly, the Studio 360 piece implies that Hannah Rosin’s Atlantic Magazine story from last year, The End of Men, which I critiqued here, is the reason for the surge in leading ladies.

What do you all think of the lady-filled fall line-up?

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