2012 World Bank report on gender equality finds women are still oppressed

world bank report

The World Bank has released
its 2012 World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development, which has a lot of really interesting findings about the state of women in the world today across a broad range of areas, including education, health, and work. But while it reports that things have improved for women in a variety of areas (like education access), there are tons of gaps that still exist which inhibit women from opportunities to live full and healthy lives, particularly in low-income countries.

Some of the findings that were stressed were around economic disparities, the wage gap and mortality rates — a few tidbits:

  • Women represent 40% of the world’s labor force but hold just 1% of the world’s wealth
  • There are 3.9 million “missing” women and girls under 60 years old every year in developing countries
  • Over a third of women die in their reproductive years

They have an awesome interactive page that provides stats, maps, graphs and a ton of information around their findings. (You can also download full text here.) Where I find this report may be of the most value is the accompanying recommended policy actions to improve these gaps — let’s hope they’re put to good use.

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