Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros on how feminists don’t get laid

So it looks like Fox News has their own kinda version of The View these days called The Five — and I gotta say, the show is pretty friggin’ bad, not to mention offensive. Anyway, during a recent discussion on who should pay for dinner (compelling stuff, I know) Andrea Tantaros decided to take it upon herself to pull out every feminist stereotype in the book:

After decades and decades and decades of feminists burning their bras, saying, ‘Make more money than men, do this, run over men, have sex like a man, tell your man what to do, don’t let them open the door –‘ you’re not happy with the product, are ya ladies? A lot of them are older, they’re not married, and they’re not getting you-know-what.

*Yawn.* Because we all know people who refer to sex as “you-know-what” get tons of action. Total. Sex. Machines. I also guess Tantaros didn’t read up on the recent study showing that people living countries with more gender equality actually have more sex than those who don’t. Boom!

Seriously though, the whole feminists as sex-depraved man-haters is getting super duper old, guys. Let’s be a little more creative, shall we?

h/t Amanda

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