Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros on how feminists don’t get laid

So it looks like Fox News has their own kinda version of The View these days called The Five — and I gotta say, the show is pretty friggin’ bad, not to mention offensive. Anyway, during a recent discussion on who should pay for dinner (compelling stuff, I know) Andrea Tantaros decided to take it upon herself to pull out every feminist stereotype in the book:

After decades and decades and decades of feminists burning their bras, saying, ‘Make more money than men, do this, run over men, have sex like a man, tell your man what to do, don’t let them open the door –‘ you’re not happy with the product, are ya ladies? A lot of them are older, they’re not married, and they’re not getting you-know-what.

*Yawn.* Because we all know people who refer to sex as “you-know-what” get tons of action. Total. Sex. Machines. I also guess Tantaros didn’t read up on the recent study showing that people living countries with more gender equality actually have more sex than those who don’t. Boom!

Seriously though, the whole feminists as sex-depraved man-haters is getting super duper old, guys. Let’s be a little more creative, shall we?

h/t Amanda

If anyone can help with getting a full transcript, please post in comments!

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  • Mayra Linares

    It’s ridiculous how, for them, women are still objects by saying that they’d pay if the date was a good “long term investment”. Even if it is Fox, they are not the only ones with the same point of view.

  • Ruthi

    I’m pretty sure the feminists I know get laid all the time (or really: as much as they’d like to).

    And I’m not sure what it means to “have sex like a man”? Does she mean enjoying sex? Or taking initiative for things I want?

    • Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

      I think it refers to a “Sex In The City” episode where Sarah Jessica Parker tries “having sex like a man”, which for her means without any sort of emotional ties to her partner. Which in itself is a flawed concept on many levels, but I think that’s where the phrase is coming from.

      As for feminists not getting “you know what”, no, I don’t know what. What are feminists not getting? Sex? Multiple orgasms? I just got both earlier today. TMI, I know. Wait—maybe “you know what” refers to our basic human rights acknowledged by the GOP and right-wing pundits? Yeah, maybe, but they are our basic human rights, and we feminists are quite determined to have them regardless of what this ilk thinks.

  • Andrew

    it’s sad that in THIS country people actually consider Fox News as news and this show as great insight in society. and sexism is so ingrained into our culture even women like Tantaros echo that BS. And how Michele Bachmann gets more respect than even feminists! And I read Media Matters regularly but found out about this comment here FIRST, so thanks for posting!

  • athenia

    Feminism taught me that I need to take control of my sexuality and sex life and not wait around for some dude to ask me out and pay for my dinner.

    Feminism got me laid.

    /end of discussion

    • fyoumudflaps

      Post of the week!

  • Lindsay

    Just another reason (of the thousands) why I hate Fox News. UGG!

    Decades and decades of burning bras? Wow. What an accurate portrayl of feminism. I know it’s completely accurate for me…right after my daily cup of coffee I got out on my front lawn and burn a bra. Yup, everyday. The neighbors love me!

    • toongrrl

      I know!
      What about Susan J. Douglas???????????????? Hmmmmm Fox News????????????????????

  • Wensie

    I refuse to give fox a single viewership point even an embeded one. Seeing as how having ridiculous things said on their programs is what garners them more attention through viral videos. that woman is an idiot and should be ashamed of herself.

  • Sam

    Yes, because anyone who is older and unmarried is clearly always unhappy. Who would ever choose such an awful path in life?

    …Then again, any woman who admits out loud, “I’m not a feminist,” is already on my black list.