K-Y Intense to launch commercial with lesbian couple

Many of you have seen the commercials by K-Y that feature “real” couples talking about their experiences with K-Y Intense, a gel that intensifies pleasure during sex. Well, it looks like they’re reaching out to some blogger folks on their newest commercial to be aired on Sept 5th, which will feature a lesbian couple:

What I love about this commercial:

  1. It acknowledges that gay people exist.
  2. It acknowledges that gay people have sex (and that it’s not “gross or an abomination).
  3. It’s perhaps the only ad I’ve seen referring to lesbians having sex that doesn’t portray them as oversexualized, objectified and not really gay but just performing for dudes’ pleasure.

Kudos to you, K-Y. Now can we get some free samples?

Update: We’re getting free samples. Sweet.

Transcript after the jump.

Alex: People always ask us how we stay together for so long, and I think that it’s communication.

Emma: And K-Y Intense.

Alex: I’m sorry, what —

Emma: I bought this K-Y Intense. I was going to tell you — it’s this gel that stimulates arousal so that the big moment will feel like nothing we’ve ever felt before. It’s scientifically proven too —

Alex: Good purchase.

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