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On being single.

The Times hosts a debate on co-habitation vs marriage.

Sally Kohn on bigotry and the GOP.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/jenicole627/ Jennah

    There have been so many articles about how abortion is being attacked, that I saw this and was SOOOO happy.

  • http://feministing.com/members/toongrrl/ toongrrl

    Eeeeee Bigots scare me.
    Rick Santorum: Finds LGBTers spooky and finds Muslims creepy. You scare me Saniterium
    Michelle Bachmann: Girl! You think slavery was better for famililes where were you in history class? Zimbabwe what? Peeping Thomasina you with your creepy husband. Do you really mean everything or just doing what Marcus is telling you?
    Rick Perry: Social Security and Medicare hater. You and “State’s Rights.” Mostly just read the Old Testament and think MLK Jr. is overrated. You’re Rated NC-17 for Vicious!
    Ron Paul: What is it with your beef with Civil Rights Act? Maybe see a therapist about your fear of African-Americans, perhaps?
    Mitt Romney: Flip flop, flipitty flop flop you. Using outdated and racist term you scare me. Thinking corporations are people.
    Jon Huntsman: The Good One