PETA Throws Women Under the Bus to Save Animals. Again.

In its efforts to gain the attention of a new audience, PETA plans to launch a porn website that intermittently plays videos of animal cruelty.

So let me get this straight…  PETA’s idea is to promote sexual consumption of women in order to get men to reject the idea of consuming animals?

This ingenious plan fails to address what many view as the real problem.

Apparently PETA is willing to perpetuate society’s notion of women as a ‘piece of meat’ in order to prevent animals from being viewed that way.  The objectification of women’s bodies and body parts is not innocuous.  In fact, the implications of this are far reaching.  The tendency to deduce women to mere body parts (as pictured in this ad featuring Pamela Anderson) is part of what fuels the oppression of women.  When women are viewed as property and sexual objects for consumption, male violence and domain over women becomes justifiable in our collective social conscience.

For PETA to make this misstep is inexcusable.  It is sexist and abhorrent.

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