Another NYPD Rape Cop Arrested

Michael Pena*Trigger warning*

Not again! Yet, another NYPD cop was arrested over the weekend for raping a woman. Off duty officer Michael Pena was literally caught with his pants down after police were called to the scene of him attacking a schoolteacher early Friday morning while she was on her way to work in Inwood.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is alleging that Pena forced the schoolteacher into an alley at gunpoint and forced intercourse and forced her to perform oral sex. When a neighbor heard the attack and looked out her window to see him attacking the schoolteacher she called 911 and Pena was caught in the act apparently intoxicated.

Pena is being held in Rikers on $1 million dollars bond and was arraigned over the weekend for first degree rape, forcible rape, and predatory sexual assault.

Pena is claiming that the D.A. is going to throw the book at him because of the recent high profile acquittal of the other NYPD Rape Cops Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Matta telling the NY Daily News:

“The DA is arresting cops, indicting cops…They’re trying to make an example out of me. There’s a lot I want to say about this,” he said. “Eventually, the truth will come out. Everything’s not black and white. There are shades of gray.”

Presumption of innocence is a right that everyone has, of course, but exactly what is this “shade of gray” he speaketh of? Seems to me that there is an eye witness to the crime and the police arrived while you were standing over the woman with your pants down. I hope the D.A. does throw the book at Pena and punishes him to the full extent of the law, not because Moreno and Matta got off but because every rapist should be locked up as long as the law will allow.

An innocent schoolteacher’s life is turned upside down while she is walking to work and Pena thinks he’s being treated unfairly?! Please.

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  • Andy

    Maybe they’re going to “throw the book at him” because he was caught raping a woman. Good Lord, the cognitive dissonance that seems to inherently accompany violence will never cease to do anything less than shock.

    I don’t know much about bail or related systems, but $1 million seems like a higher amount than I would’ve expected (not that it’s unreasonable; it’s something of a shame that bail is even an option); if it is indeed a higher number, is that because he’s a police officer?

    (Long-time reader, first-time commenter, etc. Glad to be here.)

  • anyadnight

    I hope they set a very firm example for other police in NYPD. I don’t think it’s unfair to him and I don’t think that cops should be exempt from rape laws. So yeah, bring on the example making. Police have power and authority and the women of New York need to feel safe calling on them for help. This guy is giving the people who put their lives on the line to protect their city a bad name. The NYPD, the woman involved, Pena himself, and the entire city really need to know that officers are not above the law and that NY takes rape seriously. If that’s “making an example” I would really like that example to be set and upheld.

  • Sarah

    “Shades of grey” = she’s female, she’s breathing, I’m male…*of course* she wanted to have sex with me. She was just playing hard to get! ::eyeroll::

    I hope they throw this guy in prison.