NineteenPercent: The erosion of Roe and why you should give a shit

Our awesome vlogging maven NineteenPercent has a few words for you about why everyone should care about efforts to overturn Roe v Wade and limit access to abortion.

Thanks to Amber, for reminding us that a Supreme Court ruling doesn’t mean the fight for reproductive freedom is over. “It’s not over,” as she so rightly says, “until the fat lady is guaranteed the right to do whatever she wants with her own body.”

Transcript here.

New York, NY

Chloe Angyal is a journalist and scholar of popular culture from Sydney, Australia. She joined the Feministing team in 2009. Her writing about politics and popular culture has been published in The Atlantic, The Guardian, New York magazine, Reuters, The LA Times and many other outlets in the US, Australia, UK, and France. She makes regular appearances on radio and television in the US and Australia. She has an AB in Sociology from Princeton University and a PhD in Arts and Media from the University of New South Wales. Her academic work focuses on Hollywood romantic comedies; her doctoral thesis was about how the genre depicts gender, sex, and power, and grew out of a series she wrote for Feministing, the Feministing Rom Com Review. Chloe is a Senior Facilitator at The OpEd Project and a Senior Advisor to The Harry Potter Alliance. You can read more of her writing at

Chloe Angyal is a journalist and scholar of popular culture from Sydney, Australia.

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  • David

    loved this video. shared and hope others do the same

  • Véronique

    And as if the massive erosion of Roe v. Wade wasn’t bad enough, in the climate of increased regulation and increased hostility, there are fewer and fewer providers. A right is only theoretical if you have no access to services, not because only they’ve been restricted, but because fewer deliver the services. Not only is it not over. Sometimes it seems that it’s just beginning again.

  • nazza

    As with so many of these issues, I know the SCOTUS is going to have to resolve them in the end. I grow impatient for that day and frustrated with our Federalist system, which is often such an overcautious means to not impede upon any state’s right to set its own policy.

    Basic fairness is one thing, but when states come up with legislation that negates Federal policy, I think someone needs to step up and do something about it.

  • Kate Hartman

    This was awesome. Before I found the Feminist community, I felt like my opinion on the matter (pro-choice) wasn’t the ‘right’ one, even though I was 110% sure it was what I believed. It’s so interesting to see the backlash on something that, in the nitty gritty, doesn’t concern anyone but the woman who is faced with the choice! Why can’t politicians focus on the government, and not whether or not individuals have the right to make personal decisions? This video was totally needed.