Breaking: A racist man found to be racist*

Well, Pat Buchanan is well known for his blatant racism, but unsurprisingly he is good at the subtle stuff too. Good thing our buddy Al didn’t let it go. Nice try Paddy cakes.

*title ruthlessly stolen from Jamelle Bouie’s twitter.

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  • toongrrl

    The President a boy? Barack Obama hasn’t been a boy since disco was in!
    But I always run to the bland can when I see Pat Buchanan.
    Spelling Error: What would be “Patty cakes” also I need to inform you if that’s okay, “paddy” was a ethnic slur aimed at Irish people.
    Sorry :(

  • Maire

    Agreed. If you’re going to (rightly) call someone out as racist, you should avoid using ethnic slurs. Tends to detract from your message.

    • toongrrl

      I didn’t mean to gang up on Samitha. I was hoping it was a spelling error, just reminding
      I need to keep my mouth shut

  • Daniel Ballow

    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.