To many a decent human being’s great disappointment, #reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend became a top trending topic on Twitter over the weekend. In response, here are 140 reasons to never treat domestic violence as a 140 character joke. All of these people have been killed by an intimate partner or family member.

Please feel free to tweet this out so we can counter this disturbing trend with the hashtag: #140reasonsdvisnotajoke.

Francine Hill
Anita Ross
Lori Ann Behr
Elaina Meachum
Colleen Buckley
Magdaline George
Ruth Munden
Julie Everson
May Young
Melinda Neumann
Leslie Perkins
Francis Wilson
Mary Rita Kay
Sandra Jackson
Roxanne Waa
Diane Buntrock
Kim Ballandby
Marletta Kulah-Reed
Cindy Larson Sandlin-Smith
Margaret Bohn
Heidi Haines
Shauntai Johnson
Marilyn Ford
Germaine Chatkana
Heidi Ray Johnson
Catherine Ranft
Roxanne Bloomfield
Nikki Norris Washington
Ruma Hamid
Nicole Mae Wittkop
Jilmarie VonHennchen
Joanne Olson
Nancy Draper
Shelby Davis
Kristina Zierman
Barbara J. Szutz
Crystal Lindorff
Erin Rooney
Stacy Ziegler Smith
Moonku “Marissa” Persaud
Jessica Rose
Jessica O’Meara
Ashley Steinbuch
David Geissler
Natasha Helms
Trever Kelling
Raquel Crowe
Daniel Johnson
Timothy Vojta
Megan Olson
Jaylyn Celestain
Ayesha Collier
Koua Eai Hang
Samson Hang
Nail Hang
Tang Lung Hang
A-ee Hang
Tang Kee Hang
Shaw Kramer
Lamart Wallace, Jr.
Brenda Swearingen
Meredith Stepienewski
Caroline Stepienewski
Dominic Asfeld
Megan Tomlinson
Rita Burnette
Amanda Lutz
Taylor Swanson
Elma Karsiko
Deontay Wilson
Renee Bell
Pa Nhia Lor
Brenda Townsend
Wendy Bozeman
Cheryl Thompson
Mary Klatt
Melanie Ross
Roberta Lindberg
Sally Flores
Sheng Vang
Casandra Current
Katelyn Thongratsam
Katherine “Katie” Brown
Tammy Petrin
Meleanie Hain
Kirsten Maurer Taylor
Emily Rachel Silverstein
Leslie Kerstetter
Rachel Susan Miller
Nichole Francine Garrett
Heather Lynne Williamson
Cynthia Rena Williamson
Melissa Faye Lonon
Wendy Ann Croote
Baby David Croote
Wylea Estee’ Smith
Desiree’Ann Morgan
Rosmari Elaine Celeste Pleasure
Lauren Elizabeth Hafford
Gina Marie Lupson-Holden-Young
Tammy Gail Hanna Morris
Janne L. Walters
Anna Mae Cox
Terry Alan Beier
Kim Reilmann
Sharon Kaye Flick
Judy Beth (Jones) Coulson
Denise Robin Edwards
Janice Marie Jones
Stacy Williams
Deborah Speraccio
Meghan Bingham
Martha Ellen Shallenbarger
Patricia Mary (McCulloch) Straiton
Cynthia Cruz
Karen Joy
Chantel Elicia Maragno
Kim Krebs
Tammy Lea Pugh-Schaefer-Jones-Bryant
Sheila Abbey
Cassandra “Cassie” Renee Parker
Elicia Bolivar
Sandra Lea McCain
Mary Gail Maggard Eversole
Kathleen Peterson
Kathleen Schurer Wood
Diane Lemire
Mary Rae Pieti Guerin
Shirley Ann Pavlovski
Kimberly S. Dantzer
Janna M. Dantzer
Nancy Parrilla-Cirilo
Samantha Michelle Washington
Angela Marie Coppersmith
Sandra Oshunkentan
Patricia Sue Dean (Patty)
Anne Morgan
Anya Michelle Braxley
Sandra Kay Pearson
Debra R. Taylor

Thanks to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women and this DV memorial site for names.

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  1. Posted August 1, 2011 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

    Just an FYI that @Fem2pt0, the community I serve as Editor for, is tweeting out absolutely all of these names under the hashtag #140reasonsdvisnotajoke. Please follow along and retweet to your followers! Yesterday’s convo was truly upsetting for those who were following that hashtag.

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