Bad-Ass Woman of the Day: Ms. Alanis from Monterrey

This woman is my hero.

Colorlines points out this incredible act of bravery in Monterrey, Mexico where a kindergarten teacher calmed her 15 students during a shootout outside of the school:

“Yes, my love, everyone on the floor” is the first thing you hear Martha Rivera Alanis say in the video uploaded to YouTube of the incident.

Throughout the video you hear Alanis referring to her students as “my loves,” “precious” and “little ones” in a soothing voice as she directs them to lie on the floor.

“Nothing is happening to us, my loves, just rest your little face on the floor,” she says.

A few seconds later you hear her say “I know! Let’s sing a song.” And then the teacher begins singing a Spanish-version of a Barney song that’s already familiar to her kids.

“If all the raindrops were made out of chocolate, oh how I would love to be there.” she sings.

If that isn’t enough to restore any and all lost faith in humanity, then I don’t know what will.

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