“You can’t pray away the gay—baby, I was born this way!”

Is what a group of gay activists were screaming as they bombarded Michele Bachmann’s hubby Marcus’s anti-gay center wherein he “reforms” those “gay barbarians.” Their ask? To tame away the gay–they wanted to be disciplined by Marcus Bachman himself. The new trend in glitter flash mobs already took my breath away, but asking an anti-gay evangelist to discipline you, while sprinkling glitter, is the very stuff of liberal comedic success.

Marcus Bachmann has tried to claim that his counseling center doesn’t engage in reparative therapy–a process that has been strongly advised against by the AMA and the APA because it can lead to depression and suicide. Debate is still going as to the extent of how much they engage in this practice, but their stance on homosexuality as a social ill and something that can be prayed and taught away has always been clear. And clinging to a story of their “ex-lesbian” friend is not exactly convincing us otherwise.

The Bachmanns have a long history of anti-gay politics and distancing themselves from their anti-gay message isn’t going to change the reputation they already have. And we should hold them accountable every step of the way, even if with glitter.

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