New York media power couples are almost all white and straight

The New York Observer posted a slideshow of forty-eight New York media power couples (including our very own Jessica Valenti) but there were two very obvious omissions from the list. People of color and members of the LGBT community.

On a list of 48 couples total, one couple was black and one was a same sex couple. I also think I spotted an Asian man in slide 42! It’s like if “Where’s Waldo” were black.

Really, guys? You would think a list this large could stand to be a little more diverse, right?

Apparently, the original version of this list of power couples included zero black faces and no members of the LGBT community. I guess the Observer wanted to sprinkle them on top like the end of a vanilla ice cream sundae.

Can you help The New York Observer diversify their list? Who would you add to the list to make the list a little more colorful?

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