The NY marriage waiting game continues, vote possible today

We’ve had a few moments this week of thinking we were on the brink of a vote to legalize same-sex marriage in NY. Last night seemed the closest, but come this morning we’re still waiting.

Think Progress reports that last night was spent negotiating amendments that would provide protection to religious entities who might not want to recognize gay partnerships.

Republicans’ fears of fighting off discrimination lawsuits if religious individuals and businesses are not exempt from recognizing gay couples may be overblown. As Reuters points out “in Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia, all of which have passed gay-marriage legislation with religious exemptions, similar fears of lawsuits have not been borne out.”

If the Senate approves the measure today, the bill would then have to go back to the Assembly — which approved marriage equality last week — for a vote on the additional religious protections before landing on the governor’s desk.

While we keep waiting for the news, it’s looking pretty likely that gay marriage may become a reality in NY.

Last night, the Governor remained “cautiously optimistic that it will pass” and called on Skelos to bring the measure to the floor for a vote. “I believe the people are entitled to a vote and let the elected officials stand up and say `yea’ or `nay,’” Cuomo said. “I believe that’s how democracy works.” Republican Sen. Greg Ball, also an undecided, echoed this sentiment, saying “there should definitely be a vote up or down.

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