“Glitter Bombs” for Equality?…

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First it was Newt Gingrich…

Then it was Pawlenty…

And yesterday, Michelle Bachman became the latest receiver of the glitter shower.

The glitterings seem to only be related in the sense that the first incident inspired other individuals to act independently, but the latest video of the glittering calls for people everywhere to join the “glitterati movement.” While the first person to throw glitter was not involved with GetEqual, the organization is now asking for others to “Get Equal” with glitter.

I literally can’t decide how I feel about throwing glitter on politicians. A part of me thinks it’s hilarious and harmless and bringing much needed attention to some anti-queer happenings, but another part of me can’t help but feel that it will ultimately hurt queer political efforts. Some are calling the glitter showers “glitter bombs” and categorizing them as assaults.

The latest glitter protester explains the reasons behind her actions:

How do you feel about it?

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