Saudi women’s campaign for the right to drive in action today

Organized a month ago after a Saudi activist, Manal al-Sharif and her brother, were arrested for driving, today Saudi women (and maybe even some men dressed in women’s clothing) will be taking to the streets to protest women’s ban on driving. The video above is one of the first released of a woman driving today.

As Vanessa wrote last month:

Sharif is one of the organizers of Women2Drive, a right-to-drive campaign to be launched on the 17th. Interestingly enough, there is no actual law that bans women from driving, but citizens have to use locally issued licenses that can’t be issued to women — so Women2Drive are telling their followers to use foreign-issued licenses.

A virtual driving school has been established in al-Sharif’s name. The women taking to the streets today are risking arrest in the name of expanding women’s right. According to the Washington Post, Saudi Prince Khalid bin Alwaleed has tweeted his support of the campaign.

You can follow the activity on the twitter hashtag #WOMEN2DRIVE.

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