Netroots Nation 2011: The War on Contraception

Netroots Nation Minneapolis: June 2011This panel focused on the reality that attacks on reproductive and sexual health care aren’t limited to abortion, specifically talking about attacks on contraception. Antis want to make sure folks can’t control any part of their reproductive process – can’t prevent pregnancy, can’t terminate a pregnancy, and even can’t care for a child when it’s born, since they’re also trying to cut funding to support parents.

Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon pointed out that, while the war on contraception is gaining attention lately, it’s been going on for a long time. There were attacks on family planning during the Bush administration. Amanda also highlighted the abstinence-only movement as a major arm of the anti-contraception movement. They’re not just about being anti-sex – they lie about contraception to discourage its use.

Kaili Joy Gray of Daily Kos called out the Democrats for not really being there for us on these issues. And she’s scared – abortion’s effectively illegal for many folks, the war on contraception’s running wild, so what’s next?
Amanda and Kaili did mention the silver lining is the fact they’re so obviously going after not just abortion but contraception, even WIC, could potentially be a way to bring more people who are iffy about abortion into our tent.

Sarah Audelo from Advocates for Youth talked about some important polling – the majority of folks support contraception access and would be willing to vote on this issue. There was also a lot of critique of the notion that young people don’t care – Sarah mentioned the recent polling and Amanda spoke to the massive amount of young people turning out at protests lately, as the attack on contraception has become more visible.

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    I went to a Catholic high school (in the early to mid 2000′s) and although it was fairly progressive considering, I can, however, remember some of the flat out lies we were told under the guise of sexual education. In particular I remember being told that condoms were completely useless in the protection against HIV. I only wish that, at the time, I would have been knowledgeable enough to refute the baseless claims that the so-called “expert” they brought in made throughout her lecture.

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