Gabrielle Giffords released from the hospital


Some good news–Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who had been hospitalized after a near fatal gunshot wound to the head 5 months ago, was discharged from TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital. She will continue her daily rehabilitation along with around-the-clock home medical care, but according to her doctor’s she has recovered well and is steadily improving. It can sometimes be so hard to find the positive in such appalling and meaningless violence and tragedy, but her recovery is nothing short of a miracle, a team of dedicated doctors and a testament to her strength and courage.

via AP and Miriam from a few months ago on her recovery.

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  • Emolee

    I am so happy that she is recovering so well. She has an excellent brain surgeon- Dr. Dong Kim, who also removed my sister’s brain tumor.

    I wonder about the way that some media outlets (like CNN) are dsiplaying her “before” (the shooting) and “after” pictures. I find that distasteful and don’t think they would do so for a man in her position.

    • davenj

      She did suffer major trauma to her head, and there haven’t been any pictures of her yet. I think this might be less sexist, and more our larger fascination with the macabre. People have a latent desire to see the damage inflicted upon Giffords, rightly or wrongly, and that results in this.

      Regardless, the bigger story is the fact that she got shot in the temple and is alive and being rehabilitated. It is astonishing what modern medical science has achieved.

      • Emolee

        yeah, I should clarify. I don’t see any problem with showing the new pics of her- it shows how well she is recovering, and she looks so happy. I just don’t like how some news outlets were putting up side by sides of her before the shooting and now, and comparing them, and as one other commenter below said, talking about her hair do. As you say, there is a bigger story here than her hair.

    • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

      Wow you know the doc that worked on her head? That is a small world. But all this fuss ’bout her new ‘do? Really? Of course she had to get the hair cut, they needed to work on her head for the operation. You can’t do that with a ton of hair on the head, it’s cumbersome and dangerous! And she is beautiful not just by looks but from her heart, which shines through her eyes and smile. True Beauty

  • Jenni P.

    Wow, she looks like a different person now. I wish her a speedy and as-total-as-possible recovery.

  • Liz

    my grandmother and i had a really interesting conversation about how there aren’t usually follow-ups on the victims of shooting, and how haunting it is to see a visualization of what was stolen from her.