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Just a little reminder.

An important take on all this fake blogger madness. (Cause white guys just can’t get taken seriously these days?!)

Remembering Oscar Grant.

Before there was Oprah, before there were zines, before there was “social entrepreneurship,” there was Sister Aimee.

Watching movies while feminist: “We laugh. We pass popcorn. We call ‘bullshit’ when appropriate.”

“Human capital contracts,” a viable alternative to student loans?

Lessons from architect Barbie.

Questions of ethnicity’s role in college admissions gets even more complicated.

Homeboy Industries expands.

And, um, yeah, there was a Republican primary debate, which some are calling “a cross between bad reality TV and televised Twitter.”

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  • http://feministing.com/members/shegetzguevara/ Aaron

    I’m with the folks mentioned in the article that thought this whole idea of human capital contracts sound totally creepy (albeit better than our current lot). Not just because they came from the total mess that is Milton Friedman’s mind, but I don’t see any reason why people should settle to let JP Morgan Chase get 4.5 per cent of my income at all. Yeah, I’m $40,000 in debt and that’s like almost 3 times more than I presently make, and my payments are totally unmanageable, but if we were going to go that far, why not take it a couple steps further and make public higher education completely subsidized and universal like everyplace else?

    If something like human capital contracts does become widespread, it should be because of a movement fought for something bigger like free, universal higher education and this is just a step on the way there, not because a movement put all its effort behind the idea that education should still be for the profit of big banks off our work and education, but just a little less so.

  • http://feministing.com/members/lalareina/ lalareina

    I enjoy Krista Tippitt’s show ‘On Being’ I heard the Sister Aimee one the other day. Her interview with Vasti McKenzie was very good a swell.