North Carolina passes “Women’s Right to Know” Act

Yesterday, North Carolina House voted 71-48 to pass the “Women’s Right to Know” Act which forces women to wait 24 hours to have an abortion, forces them to see a sonogram and feeds them “information” about the risks of abortion. Because nothing says ‘I love you women of North Carolina’ like forcing state mandates on women about what they think is best for their minds and bodies.

“This is about respecting women,” said Rep. Ruth Samuelson, a Charlotte Republican who sponsored the bill. “This bill keeps abortion legal. It keeps abortion safe. And, by golly, we know it helps make it more rare. It is still her choice. It makes it her informed choice.”

Opponents called it an unwarranted intrusion on a women’s privacy.

“Today we decide we know better than every woman in North Carolina about her body, her mind and her soul,” said Rep. Rick Glazier, a Fayetteville Democrat.

Perdue joined the criticism.

“The Legislature should be focused on what they said they would focus on: creating jobs and strengthening education,” she said in a statement. “Government has no role interfering in the relationship between a doctor and a patient. Legislative leaders who vow to make government less intrusive and to protect individual freedom are advancing a bill that does just the opposite.”

Respecting women? Informed choices? Last I checked a big part of respecting someone’s needs is giving them the opportunities to make the choices that are best for themselves, not intoxicate them with subjective information that may or may not be true.

After this it goes through the state senate and then to the Democratic Governor Bev Purdue’s desk who will hopefully give it a no go.

via Bellingham Herald.

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