Quick Hit: Back-alley abortions making a comeback

Michelle Goldberg has a piece at the Daily Beast on how the recent state legislative attacks on reproductive rights has resulted in women being forced to attempt to end their pregnancies themselves — and hence, sentenced to time in prison:

In recent years, several women have been arrested on suspicion of causing their own abortions, or attempting to. Most have come from conservative rural states with few clinics and numerous restrictions on abortion. In America’s urban centers and liberal enclaves, the idea of women being prosecuted for taking desperate measures to end their pregnancies might seem inconceivable, a never-again remnant of the era before Roe v. Wade. In fact, it’s a slowly encroaching reality.

Abortion access has been an issue — including self-induced abortions — before the severity of the state attacks started this past year. But there is no doubt that as these restrictive laws increase, so will DIY abortions — and subsequent convictions.

Read it here.

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  • unequivocal

    Huh. I had always thought of “back-alley abortions” as abortions performed for pay by a third party in non-medical conditions. I’d never thought that self-induced abortions or herbal abortions fell into the same category.

    It doesn’t really seem like an accurate descriptor.

  • anyadnight

    A girl in my high school was rumored to have intentionally miscarried her pregnancy by smoking, drinking, and refusing to eat enough once she found out she was pregnant. Are we really surprised? I live in the reddest state in the union. A high school girl no more knows who to turn to for contraceptive services than she can pay for an abortion. Thanks GOP. Keep voting for rich privileged politicians who don’t want the state to pay for abortions and shame young girls into poisoning their own bodies and paying with their lives.