On the second anniversary of Dr. George Tiller’s assassination

Because today is the second anniversary of George Tiller’s assassination, it’s hard to not write about the anti-choice culture of violence that contributed to his death. It’s hard to not write about the forces that continue to threaten other critical abortion providers like Dr. Leroy Carhart. Just last week, a man was arrested in Wisconsin while on his way to kill the doctors and staff at a local Planned Parenthood.

But today, folks aren’t focusing on the hatred that took George Tiller’s life, but on the life that inspired so many. RH Reality Check has a great blog series up today of folks talking about Tiller. Here I thought I’d feature the words of Dr. Tiller himself, via PRCH, talking about why he was an abortion provider.

Everything has a risk to it. I would prefer, personally, to have a challenging, stimulating, emotionally and spiritually-rewarding career that is short, rather than have a long one that is filled with ho-hum, mundane mediocrity, feeling as if you don’t make any difference to people.

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Full transcript here.

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