Beyonce’s “Run the World” (Not So Much)

While the Feministing crew has been discussing exactly how to approach the new Beyonce track and music video on Feministing (livechat? blog series? feminist interpretive dance video?), we came across this awesome woman and are a wee obsessed — and not just because she gives us a shout out at the end. Check it.

h/t to Jay Smooth for finding this gem of a vlogger.

If anyone could find a transcript, it’d be awesome!

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  • KittiK

    I just want to become her best friend. Now.

  • Thunder Maker

    I adore her. She just sold me a copy of Full Frontal Feminism. Who is she?

  • deedee

    I’d rather listen to an innocuous song about a woman who feels and IS powerful, earning more than most men and not afraid of either her sexual power or her talent and business savvy than one who would insist that I am a victim.

    I’m a Jew and a woman but I’m not about to consider either “minority status” a hindrance. I make an amount commensurate with my experience because I realized web are incredibly phlegmatic negotiators in the workplace and I could demand more money as men do instead of whining about it as I so frequently hear instead. If I want to call someone a bitch I will. Just as I’ll call a woman a hero too as appropriate or suits my mood since the language I use is mine to determine.

    I’ve been a freak and haven’t worried much about cosmo or whatever. I mean as long as women support these outlets it would appear that’s the entertainment they want. Men are not keeping these magazines in business. We aren’t victims of what we choose to read. No one has yet called me a slut or a whore other than my mother who was pretty conservative. But, like the ranting young woman, she doesn’t get to make me feel like less for being born a girl.

    There are atrocities. But owning our strength and recognizing we are nothing less than our best selves whatever we want that to be, however we choose to define it for our own selves, is what will allow us to help other women overcome institutionalized oppression. I’m not a victim. I’m a victor. I’m not sure what this angry young woman, so determined to prove her subjection is, but I hope she finds her power to become something more.

  • Badria

    I agree with you 100%. Beyonce needs a wake up call! She is selling sex not feminisim!

  • Alejandra

    although I agree with the girl in this video, I gotta say that even though is not true that girls run the world and I don’t really like the song artistically talking, I believe her (Beyonce’s) idea is more that of give inner strenght than just state that we’re rulling- is more a mentally empowering thing what I think she’s trying to achieve. words and music have a a strong psychological effect. obviously is not about fooling ourselves thinking everything is all bubblely great and perfect, but we(me and some others) do walk with a more confident step, when listening to a song that empower us…now I’m not saying that I strictly need that to feel more confident but there are some days when we need some pushing!

  • cyb3rghst

    Awesome video! I’ll be showing it to my 10 yr old daughter. First, I’ll show her Beyonce’s video, then this one.

    Although I’ll have to pause this video numerous times as she speaks so fast.


  • jrdwn

    Isn’t her comment at the end, about “feministing” being close to “fisting”, a little sex negative? I could have done without it.

    but fantastic video.

  • Tiffany

    Well said. Well Said


    this is wonderful and inspirational. A bit long for our modern attention spans, but… who cares?

  • Mary Ann Farley

    I have to agree with DeeDee and some others on this who feel that this song is more of an emotional message than a political one.

    First of all, the MOST shocking thing about Beyonce’s video is its astounding creativity, both the song AND the visuals. I haven’t heard anything like “Girls” since Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I can’t find a single reference point in it anywhere! It’s just SO original, which is why so many people are having love it/hate it reactions. That’s what happens when someone does something entirely and completely new.

    As for the video, there are obvious references to “Mad Max,” but I love most of it. Beyonce took a lot of creative chances with the visuals as well, and sometimes she looks a little ridiculous. But I’m ashamed of myself for mentioning the minor flaws, considering how much hard work went into this.

    All that said, I must say that I’m inspired by the feminist rant as well. Upon first listen, she did give me food for thought that of COURSE Beyonce would speak about women’s power, as she has just so damn much of it, to a freakish degree. In her world, women earn staggering amounts of money and have SO much power that they get major corporations to back wildly creative projects like this. I suppose one can forgive her having a skewed vision of feminism.

    But is it fair to take her to task about all feminist issues just because she put out a “girl power” anthem? As Alejandra said, putting positive female visuals into our heads with a rockin’ tune and killer video is nothing to sneer at. Isn’t that what art is all about? Changing us all from the inside?

    Kudos to BOTH Beyonce and the ranter, I say. I watched the videos back to back and enjoyed each tremendously.

  • Elana

    Such an amazing vlog!!!!!!!!!! Agreed with every word!!!!!!
    And by the way, did you see the video? You think the outfits and the booty shaking are signs are girls ruling the world??????
    definitely sharing this around….