Connie Schultz on the Ohio “Heartbeat” bill

Last night on The Rachel Maddow Show, Cleveland Plain-Dealer columnist Connie Schultz talked about the Ohio “Heartbeat” bill, which would ban abortion as early as 18 days after conception – as soon as the fetus has a heartbeat, and long before most women would realize they were pregnant at all.

Schultz, who was present at the March hearing at which a fetus “testified” in favour of the bill, observed that “this has nothing to do with protecting life. This has everything to do with playing to their extremist base.” And when you have male representatives giggling about how if we just had a vaginal probe, we could find the heartbeat – which they couldn’t, at one point – and making analogies to compare abortion to Romeo and Juliet-style suicide, you do get the sense that the people who endorse these kinds of measures aren’t interested in saving lives at all. They’re either cruel, or entirely detached from reality. Or both.

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Full transcript here.

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    Thanks for the post. This is an outrage. On a technicality though, the point at which it develops a heartbeat it’s still very much just an embryo. It wouldn’t become a fetus (if at all) for quite a few weeks after that. I think it helps the debate to have these things accurate.

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