Arnold Schwarzenegger had a child with an employee ten years ago

Arnold SchwarzeneggerI really hoped after the end of his time as The Governator I’d never have to pay attention to Arnold Schwarzenegger again. But not only is he still involved in politics and trying to create more pop culture garbage by restarting his film career, now we get word of some of the details of his split with Maria Shriver. Apparently Schwarzenegger had a child with a family employee ten years ago. And he reportedly kept it from his wife until recently.

As Amanda Marcotte points out, this fits well into Schwarzenegger’s bio, since pretty much everything about his sexism is just too disgustingly absurd:

Oh, did I mention that he’s married to a member of the Kennedy clan, Maria Shriver? And that she’s a prominent feminist activist? And that she used her credibility as a liberal feminist Democrat to cover for him when he admitted to decades of sexual harassment during the 2003 campaign, when he was also exposed for participating in the 70s in what, by his description, sounds suspiciously like a gang rape? And that while his wife was out there working on behalf of women, Schwarzenegger was taking the time to rail against the evils of single motherhood? You know, just to make sure that no future would-be defenders of his bad behaviour could claim, “At least he’s not a hypocrite.”

If you presented it as a novel or a film script, you’d get it bounced back with a note that said, “Try to make it believable.”

Thankfully the Los Angeles Times, which broke this story, is keeping the identity of family employee, who just recently stopped working for Schwarzenegger and Shriver, and her child private. Of course, that doesn’t mean the media’s treating them with much respect. There’s already headlines like this one, from E!: “Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits Fathering Illegitimate Child.” Illegitimate? Seriously? Is this the middle ages? Are we talking about heirs to a throne or something? Way to be jerks to every child of a single mother ever.

I wish I thought this would hurt the next phase of Schwarzenegger’s film career. But he’s been a known sexist for ages – hell, there’s old footage of him harassing and molesting women in a Rio tourism video that much of the internets finds hilarious. This is just the latest asshole move to come to light by a guy who’s gotten away with being an asshole his entire career.

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Jos Truitt is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Development.

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  • Brüno

    Let me get this straight. He was in the media for a lot of lurid things during his actor days. Then he became involved in politics and not much was heard of him. Now that he is back into movies apparently a fresh scandal is focusing attention and publicity on him. I guess only those reasonably close to him will know if the press is just running a stunt or reporting.

  • Ariel

    Oh my God. Why do we elect these freaks? We have rapests in office. WHY? If we know about these people then why in the world do we say, ‘hey he’s gonna make a great governer. I’m sure he wont be a dickhead seeing as he’s only raped a few women, had Nazi upbringing, and can’t control himself at all.’ To put it simply; WTF! I think we all need to get the hell outta this country and head to someplace with better morals and ideas. Even if we have to all buy a small country and create a new society there. No rapests allowed type of thing.

  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    All I can say is I feel sorry for that kid, his mama, and for Maria Shriver. She got rid of him fast

  • camer

    these situations take two to tango and while i understand the need to keep the identity of the child private, i don’t see how it pertains to the mother. she worked for maria for 20 years, and betrayed her and her own husband in that time by passing off the child she had with arnold as his. she likewise deserves some scorn if we are going into the business of judging people.

  • Kate

    I’m sorry, that video is pretty uncomfortable for a variety of reasons (sexism, objectification, sexualization, exoticization), but he is NOT shown “molesting” or “harassing” anyone- – and calling it that is ridiculous.