Quick Hit: Anti-gay bill not on agenda in Uganda Parliament today

The reviling anti-gay bill introduced in 2009 and debated last Friday appears to not be on the agenda in Parliament today in Uganda, where it had been slated for debate. Some speculate it is because Parliament is going on break while other’s are suggesting it is because of the international outcry the bill has inspired. Let’s hope it is the latter and it is the international outcry against what would be one of the most draconian, anti-gay bills and hopefully will continue to inspire Uganda’s legislators to abandon the bill completely. There is also speculation that the bill will resurface without the possibility for dolling out the death penalty, which the current bill allows in some cases.

LGBT Asylum News has more and a detailed description of the bill and check out Lori’s post about it from yesterday and what we as Westerners can do about it.

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